When I re-entered civilian life after the Army, where my days were primarily planned for me, I was unprepared to set my own structure and direction. I found stability in college, but after finishing graduate school, I didn’t make the progress I anticipated in my newfound free time.

Outside of work, I did manage to commission the build of a rental property, but I could have done it more efficiently. I tried all kinds of productivity tools and planners, but none provided the right balance between effective goal planning and clear direction for action. I also needed more flexibility with a growing family.

I decided to develop a system for myself. I poured over the biographies of great achievers, researched countless psychological studies, and drew upon my own 10+ years of corporate Human Resources experience to create a planning system with focus and margin.

The Magna Planner has changed the trajectory of my daily life so dramatically that I had to share it with the world. Whether you’re ready to set your own course or have long wanted to prioritize your ideas and dreams, using the Magna Planner will contribute to a lifestyle of purpose, growth, and action. 



I’m a mom of two little girls and a classical singer.

I grew up dedicated to music and academics, eventually earning a Masters of Music in Voice Performance. But when I had my girls, I struggled, like many moms, to prioritize my dreams and ambitions. I loved singing in the Arizona Opera Chorus, but still wasn’t making the progress I longed for. At the end of the day, I felt exhausted, but worthless. I fell into resentment and bitterness by putting everyone else first.

But with the gentle encouragement of Gilbert and his Magna Planner system, (and let’s be honest, some therapy), I was able to make a plan to put myself back out there. I’ve had clearer direction for my days at home with two young girls and no longer feel guilty taking time to practice. I started auditioning again and have experienced more vocal growth in the last several months than in years.

On top of that, I’ve been excited about joining Gilbert in bringing the Magna Planner to life, using my experience in marketing, content creation, and design. I have enjoyed putting Gilbert’s ideas on paper into the Magna Planner and managing our digital marketing. We can’t wait for you to try it out!