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Build the foundation for your goals.

As a project manager, I found this planner to be inspiring, insightful, and motivating! Making it purpose-driven and identifying methods of addressing common challenges made it exciting to think about what we could accomplish with this system.
— Megan Dressel, Scottsdale, AZ
I’m excited to say that I’ve already put so many of my steps into action and have seen major results in a very short time. My goals are big, but the Magna Planner breaks down my goals so I can keep moving forward without getting overwhelmed. I also love the Praxis discipline plan, which has really helped me retrain new habits in a fun way. When I reach the end of this quarterly planner, I’m excited to look back and see how far I’ve come.
— Sara Duchovnay Hilley, San Franciso, CA



Our Mission

To equip and inspire others to fulfill their innate gifts and dreams at the highest potential.


Giving Back

  • We are proud to be using a manufacturer that has partnered with Trees for the Future. As a sponsor they are helping plant trees and supporting an amazing organization that empowers many impoverished families and communities. Trees for the Future is working to end hunger and poverty for small holder farmers through revitalizing degraded lands. 

  • The Magna Life Giving Program will donate planners to veterans in need of a new mission. A purpose-driven mission is so important, and no one understands that more than servicemen and women. When they embark on their new mission, then we have accomplished ours. If you would like to personally donate a planner to a veteran, please email us at