Seize the year

with the Magna Planner

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Seize the year

with the Magna Planner

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Seize the year

with the Magna Planner

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Seize the year

with the Magna Planner

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Introducing the Magna Planner

A one-of-a-kind planner that encourages flexibility, efficiency, and progress.

  • Declutter your mind

    Break your phone addiction. With a paper planner you’ll avoid distractions, remember things better, and never have to charge it!

  • Plan quickly

    Time blocking your day gives you a flexible framework instead of a rigid schedule, so you always know what to focus on next. 

  • Build lasting habits

    Find relief and peace from habits and routines, and even bring back the activities you love. No whiteknuckling required.

  • Cultivate growth mindset

    Continually recalibrate your goals with quick, regular check-ins. Move from feeling discouraged and scattered to energized and in control.

Build the Foundation for your Goals

When you've developed the basics of time blocking and routines, you're ready to incorporate a Magna Goal. The Magna Planner uniquely integrates a large goal or project with the rest of your life systematically.

  • What is a Magna Goal?

    When you make a dream specific and give it a deadline, it becomes a goal. When that goal stretches your potential and serves a purpose beyond yourself, it becomes a Magna Goal. What gifts could you share, problems you could solve, or ideas could you bring to life?

    The timing will never be perfect, so the Magna Planner shows you how to take a step now, wherever you're at in your journey. We're here to help and cheer you on, because your gifts are meant to be given. 

  • Mission Statement

    Traditional planners may provide space for goals and to-do lists, but fail to recognize the key to maintaining momentum: your purpose. Why do you really want to achieve your goal? How will it affect the community around you?

    The Magna Planner's workbook section leads you through creating a mission-driven goal that guides your day to day routine. This will allow you to focus on the impact of your success, helping you stay motivated and avoid excuses. 

  • Get practical

    The Magna Planner helps you break down your main goal into weekly organized tasks. It’s structured to help you build a habit of making consistent progress every day. This way, you never lose sight of your dream because it’s a part of your daily life. You'll always know what to do next. Track all your actionable items and measure your progress in one comprehensive spread. 


What people are saying

I absolutely love it! Thank you for doing this differently, valuing quality, and sharing knowledge!

I’m excited to say that I’ve already put so many of my steps into action and have seen major results in a very short time. My goals are big, but the Magna Planner breaks down my goals so I can keep moving forward without getting overwhelmed. 

This is one of the best planners I have ever used. Absolutely the finest product on the market. 

As a project manager, I found this planner to be inspiring, insightful, and motivating! Making it purpose-driven and identifying methods of addressing common challenges made it exciting to think about what we could accomplish with this system.

I purchased these for my team and they exceeded my wildest expectations in terms of quality! The cover is basically luxurious and the paper is fantastic. Thank you for accommodating me and my team. You have a lifelong customer in me!

Great ideas need great tools to soar

Your unique dreams and gifts can make an impact. When you use the Magna Planner to further your ideas, you're not only bettering yourself, but the world around you. We need you to accomplish your goals.